The Portable Scoreboard

Founder Ken Analla is a baseball enthusiast.  Throughout the years at his sons’ little league games he heard “What’s the score” more times than he could count and that was just in one game.  Anyone who has been to a community baseball or softball game has experienced this since most of these fields do not have scoreboards.   Ken started thinking about a portable scoreboard.  One that can be easily used, rolled up, hung, and taken anywhere the game is played.  Now everyone can know the score, what inning, the outs, balls and strikes at any time during the game.  It will enhance the game experience in a simple non-distracting way. 

Using his 25+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry including management, design, production, electronics, and engineering, he created the Hits A Run Scoreboard.  For the past 4 years, Ken has been developing, designing, and building this product to bring added enjoyment to the game he loves.